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Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

magic mushroom

We all know that Disney World is the most magical place on earth.

But for some people, the most magic they can find resides in the shroom trip psilocybin, or as we know it, hallucination mushrooms. There are many people that choose to use these mushrooms and experience an array of magic mushroom effects after consuming them. SHOP NOW

Below we’ll discuss the various hallucinogenic mushroom types and answer the question, what do magic mushrooms do? Without any further delay, let’s get this magical ride started.

Types of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

If you thought that there was only one type of magic mushroom, then you’re mistaken. There are more than ten different species of the mushroom that are worth taking note of.

Have you ever heard of Flying Saucers, Philosopher’s Stone, or Wavy Caps? If not, there’s no need to worry because we’re going to give you better insight into the effects that can be felt when using and ingesting each of these mushrooms.

Let’s first take a look at the liberty cap mushroom and all it has to offer.

Liberty Caps

The liberty cap hypnotic mushrooms are not the only name that you’ll fund this specific type of mushroom under. They also go by the scientific name of Psilocybe Semilanceata or Witch’s Hat.

This magic mushroom is one of the most natural growing versions of magic mushrooms, meaning that it’s easier to find growing out in nature. There were tests conducted in the 1900s by a chemist and mycologist.

The names of these researchers were Jochen Gartz and Paul Stamets. During their time of discovery, they found that this mushroom is potent. However, it’s not the most potent, coming in third place on the ranking board.

Liberty Caps were the first mushroom to be formally noted, dating back to 1838. They even made headlines when an English family picked them out of a field and brought a whole new meaning to “taking a family trip.”

These mushrooms are going to be found commonly growing in pastures where manure serves as the rich fertilizer it needs to grow in plentiful harvests. You can expect to find them growing in places all over the world, including:

  • Europe
  • Germany
  • North America
  • California
  • Chile
  • New Zealand

This mushroom is truly a world traveller when it comes to all the places that it grows. Although this mushroom is quite impressive when it comes to potency and native areas of growth, it’s not the only mushroom that has made our list.

Philosopher’s Stone

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is not a reference to the first movie. It’s instead referencing another one of the psilocybin mushrooms. It can be found under its scientific name which is Psilocybe Tampanesis or Magic Truffles, and Psilocybin Truffles.

These mushrooms can grow underground. If you’re looking for them, you might have to do some searching to find a speciality shop located in your area. This mushroom was first discovered and traced to Tampa, Florida during the 1970s.

Since then most people have taken to growing the mushroom in their homes. Unlike the Liberty Caps. these aren’t as easily found in the wild. When using this mushroom, the experience that a user has can be enhanced depending on the number of mushrooms that they choose to consume.

Wavy Caps

These mushrooms get their name from the wavy magic mushroom tops that it has and is also known as Psilocybe Cyanescens. Elsie Wakefield is the person that you can thank for this discovery, having discovered them in 1946.

This is another mushroom that can be found growing in various places in the wild. They don’t naturally grow out of manure. Instead, you can find these miniature magicians in woody areas such as gardens or walking trails.

Because of the production and distribution of lumber, these mushrooms have taken a first-class trip to various places in the world where they now grow. If you have ingested these mushrooms before then, you’re aware that when plucked from the ground is when the mushroom is at its most potent.

But, the dried magic mushrooms version is still just as potent as the fresh version of the magic mushroom.


These mushrooms have a Latin flair and are also known as Psilocybe Mexicana and Teonanacatl. One of the most common ways that magic mushrooms are used is for the purpose of religious meetings or ceremonies.

It’s believed that the Pajaritos was used for ceremonies that are known as Teonanacatl. When translated, the word means “flesh of the gods.” The mushroom was used during these ceremonies by both the Aztecs and Nahuatl people.

This type of mushroom was researched and studied intensely by Roger Hoffman, the man that is credited for discovering LSD. It is because he was sent to study the mushroom and all of its properties that he was able to retrieve a sample and use it to grow other species of mushrooms.

Now that you’ve got some knowledge of the different species of mushrooms, it’s time to look into the effects of the magic mushrooms. You’re going to want to hold on to your seats because we’re about to take a deep dive.

What Are the Effects of Magic Mushrooms? SHOP NOW

There are several effects that need to be discussed when it comes to the use of magic mushrooms. Most of these effects can be likened to the effects that one would experience when using acid or other psychedelic drugs.

This isn’t surprising being that some of the same researchers that have studied things like LSD have also studied magic mushrooms. Many of these effects will take over both the physical and mental capabilities that the user is feeling.

The effects that a person feels can be intensified depending on how much they’ve eaten as well as how often they’re using the mushrooms. Here are some of the side effects of eating mushrooms.

Distorted Sense of Reality

When it comes to answering the question of what do mushrooms do, one of the first things they do is distort the reality of the user. The person may begin to see things that aren’t really there.

Or they may begin to hear voices and sounds that aren’t there either. While this may not sound dangerous, hearing voices and having hallucinations can cause a person to become increasingly paranoid.

When you are paranoid, you aren’t likely to make decisions that make sense, which could potentially put themselves and others in harm’s way. The distortion of reality can also cause the user to believe that they can see and hear things that typically can’t be seen or heard.

For example, they may feel that they can hear colours or other sensations that are not possible.

Altered Sense of Time 

When thinking of things like are mushrooms harmful, you might think losing time can be harmful. You may feel that they are experiencing a trip for what seems like hours or days.

When in reality they’ve only been experiencing their trip for a matter of minutes to a half-hour.

Rapid Heart Rate

There are some instances in life where a rapid heart rate is expected, like when you’re exercising or are in a panic. But, one of the effects of magic mushrooms is an increased heart rate and raised blood pressure.

This isn’t an issue if the blood pressure and heart rate return to normal within a reasonable amount of time. But, when the heart and blood pressure stay at a heightened level, it can end in the user experiencing a stroke or a heart attack.

Loss of Bladder Control

Loss of bladder control is something that most people would be embarrassed about. But when you’re experiencing a trip where things are happening that don’t make sense, the loss of bladder function is going to be the last thing that you’re concerned about.

When a person loses bladder function, it typically means that the pelvic muscles have become weakened. Continued use of magic mushrooms can increase the loss of bladder control that a person experiences.

Psilocybin mushrooms or Magic Mushrooms contain a compound that has been a class A drug under the UK Misuse of Drugs Act since 1971 – like heroin and crack cocaine.

Hallucinogenic Mushroom Types and More

We’ve gone into detail about the hallucinogenic mushroom types and the effects that they have on people that have been using them. There are so many other questions that you may have, including are magic mushrooms illegal and why are magic mushrooms illegal, but that’s another subject entirely.

If you or someone you know has found that taking these psychedelic trips is a daily occurrence, it may be time to seek help. Contact The Rehab Guide for all of your treatment needs.

We have various programs to offer to people and resources that will help you get back on the sober path.


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